As most of you know, I blog over here. But was having trouble with my wordpress id this morning, so I'm going with livejournal. Here's a repeat of my last post! A huge thanks to all of the bloggers who are helping us out.

No, not a coverup. I mean the cover is UP. Almost… This week -- tomorrow, in fact -- we're unveiling the cover of Dream Boy, a YA novel co-authored by me and my friend Mary Crockett. We are both super excited -- first because it's a gorgeous cover, and second, because that is what makes a book real (after the Library of Congress catalog number).

Over on The BookYArd, Mary waxed poetic and showed you the O. So it seems like I should get to show you something, too.

But if you want to see the whole thing, we're doing a cover reveal tour (thank you Sourcebooks!) with some different blogs around the web. (I dare say that the audience for this book is going to be just a *teensy* bit different than my audience in the previous post.)

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